Lauren + Jason get hitched!

When Lauren and Jason planned a November wedding, they probably didn't predict that it would pour with rain the whole day before the wedding, and threaten to rain all day on the wedding day! is Melbourne..and that is exactly what happened! Luckily, it turned out that the wet weather made for a gorgeous shiny green setting in the Carlton Gardens, and absolutely stunning photos!

We had a wedding rehearsal the day before their big day, in the exact spot they planned to get married. Lauren was pretty determined that they would stick with the space they had chosen in the gardens and not resort to plan B. The decision was made on the wedding day to brave the grey sky and persistent drizzle, and the weddings gods smiled down on this lovely pair as they said their vows. 

Known for shedding a tear or two, Lauren managed to get through the ceremony without too many tears, as she couldn't hold back her smile.

Lauren and Jason had friends come from all over the world for their big day and it was a wonderfully proud crowd who turned up to celebrate with them. The lengths their friends and family went to to celebrate and be there with them is a testament to this lovely couple, and the joy they bring not only to each other, but to all those around them


Congratulations Lauren and Jason, thank you for having me involved in your big day. Wishing you a wonderful life together.

Photos by Sheehan Studios.