Dave and Dani (aka that amazing couple with the amazing bride in the amazing black dress)..

Dani and Dave are undoubtedly two of the best humans I have EVER met.

At the risk of sounding cliched..I met with them for a drink to discuss their wedding, and we just 'clicked'. They’re the kind of people you could just be chatting with, and suddenly realise that 4 hours have passed, everyone else has left, and the bar has closed!

They are completely themselves. Passionate, loving, clever, spontaneous, and head over heels in love. They embrace life and each other and wanted a celebration that truly reflected them. Well..scroll through and I think you’ll see that they succeeded..

Meeting people like this and being able to play some small role in such a wonderful celebration makes me feel like the luckiest! I look forward to bumping into you again on a Melbourne rooftop somewhere..or maybe a rooftop in some other fabulous part of the world! Congratulations you wonderful pair!

Photos by Rosie Melfi
Ceremony venue: State Libary of Victoria

Reception Venue: Trattoria Emilia