'The Wedding' starring Bianca & Lachlan NOW SHOWING

I pledge to not get frustrated that your diet consists mostly of jerky and beer
I pledge to make you all the salami and cheese toasties you can eat
I pledge to always be your number 1 fan because I truly believe you are all things
I pledge to be your person
— - Bianca

It's not often that you meet a couple like Bianca and Lachlan. When I first met them for a casual coffee in East St Kilda, I was instantly blown away by the personality that is Bianca. She is outgoing, loving, outrageous, and unashamedly herself. And together, they make an amazing team. Bianca and Lachlan have been together 10 years and have such a wonderfully easy partnership, and there is so much love between them. As we spoke more, and I spent a bit more time with them, I saw more of Lachlan's quiet loveliness, his clever quirkiness, his passion, and the sparkle in their eyes when they looked at each other. These two are a truly wonderful pair and their wedding day was a true reflection of them. 

I vow to watch your movies, sometimes, no matter how bad they are.
I vow to laugh, smile, sing, and dance awkwardly with you.
I vow to be your greatest cheerleader when you’re kicking arse.
I vow to help you kick arse when you need it
— Lachlan


The wedding was 'performed' at the stunning Westgarth Cinema in Northcote, and attended by family and friends. There was SO MUCH LOVE in the room. Bianca and Lachlan laughed and cried their way through the ceremony (really..there was snorting..into microphone..) after Bianca ran across the stage and threw herself into Lach's arms when she arrived.  Their lovely friend Andie shared the load with me and helped perform the ceremony, and we were pretty much the wedding ceremony DREAM TEAM.

It's days like this that reaffirm why I do what I do. What a wonderful celebration of love, life and choice this day was. Congratulations you stunning humans, let's do it all over again!

Photo credit to the fab Samara Clifford.