A Wise Choice - Chloe & Cale - 30th May 2015

It felt like the day had been coming forever. Six and a half years together...a journey full of love and laughter, ups and downs, houses, travel, friends, family...all leading to this day.  As I said during the ceremony, I think everyone around Chloe and Cale had been waiting for this wonderful day maybe even longer than they had.

Chloe - with her keen eye for design and all the pretty things - had planned and designed the gorgeous winter wedding from start to finish.  There were fur shawls for the girls, hand sewn mittens for the guests, a wet weather plan of 'if it rains..we'll get wet', and warming wine for all. The guests enjoyed the open air courtyard as the sun started to set, and were surprised with some twirling under the stars as the bride and groom entered for their first dance, followed by Chloe's amazing Nonna joining in for a boogie.


The night continued with so much laughter, and the happy tears flowed as the  crowds were delighted with emotional speeches, more surprise dancing, homemade limoncello, and a gelati man..in case you hadn't had enough to eat and drink!

Chloe and Caleb embody everything that marriage means to me. They are completely devoted and committed to eachother, and to building a life together. They look at each other and their eyes light up. They are so different, and yet are like 2 puzzle pieces that only fit with each other.  A wedding is often a true reflection of the couple getting married, and this wedding reflected so much love, and a couple who gives so much to everyone around them.

My dear friends. It was a true privilege to be included in your perfect day. Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world. xxx

Photos by John Warren